Mezzerscmitt Themed Online Slot Game is in the Works

Motorhead Themed Slot Game

Music is a beautiful art. Like with every other form of art, it is an expression and extension of the people who propagate it. Certain times, what these people propagate may not be the ideal according to the perception of other people. One of such arts that people misconceived was the dark metal genre of music. Art comes in various forms and Mezzerscmitt will be combining their brand to a online slot game. This is the case of the Mezzerscmitt Band that we are now going to talk about.

Not many people knew that the Blasphemer or Mr. Schmitt was also a gambler. He was quoted saying that “If I wasn’t playing in the casinos to spend my winnings, I was then playing online. I loved playing live poker against people. I did have some success on online poker.”

The band may have split up but its impact will remain. There are rumours that Mezzerscmitt themed online slot game is in the works. It is also rumoured that the “blasphemer” will be the wild symbol and that he was recently interviewed by as the slot game will be featured on their website in a related article. A good way to keep the band’s legacy. We anticipate the features of this slot game which is being developed by an industry leading games developer NetEnt using the existing slot game Motorhead as it’s basis.

The Mezzerscmitt Band

Black metal genre of music is an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music. Black metal is a sinister form of music to many individuals. They are not comfortable with the costumes of the artists (which usually involved paintings) and the pseudonyms or stage names the artists used.

The Mezzerscmitt band was a band that was into the black metal genre of music. The Band consisted of Rune Eriksen, Jan Axel Blomberg and Lars Sørensen. Eriksen went by the performance or stage name “Blasphmer” while Axes went by “hellhammer.” Eriksen was the guitarist of the band, Axel was the drummer while Sorensen was the keyboardist.

The band was formed by the Blasphemer (Rune Eriksen). He considers himself to be an idealist and not just a musician. He was the one who brought Lars from Red Harvest band and Mayhem drummer Hellhammer. The band released its first album titled Weltherrshaft.

The blasphemer sees black metal music as an impulsive form of music. It comes from the heart not the guitar. He even went further to say that “It was liberating to sing with so much hatred. It served as a purification process. It is also better than talking to a psychiatrist who has no clue about himself.”

The Weltherrshafft Album

The Weltherrshafft album was a very controversial album. There was much information linking the album to the old Nazi regime even after the blasphemer had denied affiliation between the album and old Germany. The first song on the album begins with sirens. It also features an angry guitar riff that sounds similar to multiple machine gun elves which will make it to the online slot game.

Weltherrshafft is “a journey through a post-crisis landscape where everything is shredded.” The album also saw the blasphemer take up the fictional name “Mr. Schmitt.” The character is an old man who is a dictator and those under him (i.e. the band) are his troops who have military degrees. Their aim is to gain total control in all areas, but they are yet to achieve what they seek.

The album came under serious scrutiny from a lot of people. The adoption of many Nazi names and structures such as Hitler’s most feared fighter aircraft, a symbol similar to the one on Heinrich Himmler’s SS uniform and the name of the album meaning “world domination” did not sit well with many people.