Mezzerschmitt – The Band that Was and the Music that Could have Been

Nothing like a bit of warm death metal to put some life into your bones and get you through a day. Here we present and introduce the band that are no more and discuss their legacy on the Norwegian music industry.

Mezzerschmitt is a three-person project made up of the Norwegian metal world. “Global Membership” (called “World Reign Observance” in the United States) can be seen as the first act in the game. This album presents an imaginary world completely derived from freedom and spirituality.

We want to emphasize that despite the objective of provoking Mezzerschmitt, “world domination” is not political. This record is against all forms of totalitarianism.

Mezzerschmitt Empire – Consequences of Control and Obedience: In 2001, he began to experience something wrong and shocking without God (pain explained). Bring anger and hatred to the light of this world of snakes, the result of observation and injustice.

(Mezzerschmitt: Tomorrow morning) Mr. Schmitt, the creator of Mezzerschmitt and the dictator of the empire, felt this injustice in his tired and stressed body. Mr. Schmitt, who was unjustly accused and punished, is released!

Mezzerschmitt’s empire was born out of his bitter thoughts. An imaginary world where everything is governed by an iron fist and the will of the kingdom … dictates and controls all aspects of existence… well, there is only horror, evil that exists.

You cannot speak freely, you cannot think freely. In the future, hope and freedom are just words in themselves. We are all actors in this parallel world, we are all robots in this black-hearted slavery, we are all under the banner of the Mezzerschmitt Empire.

Mr. Schmitt asks for the new morning rays

The Band Members :

M. Schmitt: vocals, bass and guitar

Hauptman Hammer / Jan Axel Blomberg: drum

Lieutenant LS: keyboard

Part 1: Interview

Blasphemer returns

As if Mayhem’s strained past wasn’t enough, now the Latch writer and “chief blasphemist” have gone on to create the band Mezzerscmitt. On the EP “Weltherrshafft”, he wallows in Nazi symbolism, madman madness and threats of a new world domination. What is wrong with this man, and is there any system in the madness?

We meet at Sir Winston in Oslo, in a quiet corner. Blasphemers are broke.

“The cider is so cold it is out,” he sniffed, politely thanking him for a glass of red wine.

Except for the scarf, which is wrapped tightly around the cold neck, the man with scarred forearms looks exactly as one would expect. Everything is black: Long hair, beard, heavy boots and leather jacket. A Mayhem shirt with a mix of upside-down crosses, pentagrams and Norwegian flags of cold sores any run for political correctness already for the man has managed to open his mouth.

Blasphemer has been a fixture and prime mover in Mayhem since 1995, and has co-authored the band’s last two full-lengths: “Wolfs Lair Abyss” (1997) and “Grand Declaration Of War” (2000). Lately it’s been quiet around Mayhem, the members have been concentrating on the musical, and many of them are working on side projects as well.

Blasphemer’s first solo appearance since joining Mayhem is precisely Mezzerschmitt, where he has brought Lars from Red Harvest and Mayhem drummer Hellhammer. But life as a musician is not always as fun.

Are you still tired of being a musician?

– You bet. It sucks to be a full-time idealist and musician, especially now, when I sit with debt up my ears. It could have been a little less “pain” and a little more “gain”. Obviously I could have worked more efficiently, he says thoughtfully – but I’m not the type to sit and clamber all day long either.

Blasphemer is an impulse musician, he has to get the “glow over” before anything is done:

– All the music I make is put together in my head, not behind the guitar. Besides: If you have nothing to say, it’s better to shut up, which is why it takes so long between each Mayhem album as well.

The Mezzerschmitt name was something he came on backstage after a concert in 2000, but it wasn’t until this year that the project began to take shape: